Ask My Gurus has developed a list of Gurus / Business Partners as a general resource to assist homeowners and businesses in locating and selecting companies that should be used in conjunction with other available resources. We provide these names and contacts of businesses as a free resource to businesses and residential Guru visitors for free. Ask My Gurus has done the best we can to find quality and reputable resources, however we HIGHLY suggest that you do your due diligence as well when choosing a vendor to work with. Ask My Gurus will not be responsible for the vendor you choose to work with nor will we accept any financial liability of services provide by the vendor of your choice. Ask MY Gurus is strictly a referral source for visitors of prequalified organizations through our rigorous vetting process. Long story short- you choose who you use and it is your responsibility to make the right choice. We promise that if they are on this site, we vetted the Gurus organization enough that we would be comfortable to use them too.