You might be wondering what we do here in Ask My Gurus. You can think of us as the middle ground between you the customers and businesses whose aim is to give the best service to their customers. Sounds amazing right? But our site won’t be worth anything if it weren’t for the amazing gurus who accepted the offer to support more customers through our site. So we’re asking the question today, of “what makes a great guru?”.

What Makes a Great Guru?

Not everyone who applies with us becomes a true blue guru. Needless to say, we check every application to be a guru on our site with a fine toothed comb. Each company wanting to be a guru is carefully checked for their expertise regarding their fields and most importantly… their credibility and integrity with their current clients. You won’t find a single second rate “expert” on our site. We use the following as some of our criteria when picking gurus to represent a specific field of expertise.

Licensed and Insured Companies

Whenever you contact one of our gurus, you can expect that these are legal and licensed companies. Every company who is a guru on our site are ready to present the necessary legal evidence to prove that they are allowed to operate in their respective fields. The best part is that they’re all insured . Any accidents that happen while you’re in contact with them won’t affect you in any way. So you’re free to work with our gurus without fear of being sucked into their troubles.

Provide Positive Community Outlook

A good company is a company that does their best for their customers and every guru needs to be the embodiment of that ideal company. Besides expertise in each of their respective fields our gurus are also some of the friendliest faces you’ll find in the corporate world. Unlike many busy corporations and companies, each guru is ready to answer your questions as soon as possible. These are people that have nothing in mind but their customer’s best interest and have promised to give the best services available. 

Great Standing with The Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau or BBB for short for short is a company whose sole goal is to ensure that companies not only give the best quality results to their customers but also do it with integrity. All gurus on our site are in good standing with the BBB and are great companies who aim to make sure that the service they provide is scam free.

Best Quality Service Guaranteed

Our job is to make life easier for you by providing you with only the best of the best. With only the best experts in their fields supporting you, you’re guaranteed to succeed. From insurance to web marketing to cyber security we have you covered, and if we don’t have a guru for your required field, you can expect that we’ll get one soon. We won’t cut corners whenever we’re working with you so what are you waiting for? A consultation with any of our gurus is waiting for you! Your wish is our command.