Malware is an incredible danger in today’s day and age. With everyone connected online, there are bound to be situations where you end up catching one of these nasty little pieces of malicious software. The best way to beat them is to know exactly what you’re dealing with and know what types of malware are out there.

The Many Faces of Malware

Business has never been easier than with the internet. Being able to connect with customers from across the globe lets you sell much more effectively. But that also means you’re putting yourself at risk of a malware attack that could ruin you or your business.

Malware can come in a multitude of forms and you can be victimized in a number of different ways. From your computer being locked down and held hostage to your private information being stolen and sold online on the dark web, there are a number of reasons to be worried about the different types of malware. This is especially true if you own a business online. There are three main types of malware that you should be aware of.


Viruses are a danger to most systems that get infected. To the point that a full software reinstall might be needed to get rid of it. The reason for this is that viruses attach themselves to a file and wait for that file to be accessed before doing its thing. The worst part is that it can attach to system files that are important to your pc’s ability to function. Anti virus programs have incredible difficulty trying to get rid of them because of this.

One common example is the Melissa virus that was let loose in the 1990s. It was sent through an email and people who opened it activated the virus. The virus would then send itself to fifty other people on the affected person’s contact list. This might seem tame compared to today’s viruses, but it overloaded the email servers of many large corporations when it was unleashed.


Like their namesake, the wooden horse of Trojan, this type of malware disguises itself as another program and tricks you into clicking on it. This makes this the most tame of the three types of viruses, since it is safe to handle as long as you don’t run the trojan on your machine. 


Worms are considered extremely dangerous types of malware that you should know about. Unlike the other two types that need your input to actually work, worms will start getting to work at ruining your system as soon as it gets in. It can also self replicate, infecting multiple files. Many worms can easily infect an entire corporation’s system and bring everything to a stand still.

One of the most dangerous worms was the ILOVEYOU worm that originated from the Philippines on May 2000. It cost the US government nearly fifteen billion dollars just to get rid of the worm from infected systems. The reason for it’s deadliness was that it destroyed files and documents in an affected computer by replacing them with itself, but not before sending itself to everyone in an infected PC’s contact list. Some of the files replaced were important to system function and made sure that a PC would be unbootable.

You could be at risk of any of these malware attacks yourself. You could never know when malware can strike, so the best way to fight them is to be prepared for it. Contact Echelon Technologies today and be ready for anything!