Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short is one of the strongest tools for businesses on the online market. However, mishandling it can lead to dire consequences and could lead to your online business getting buried under your competitors. But what exactly are these mistakes?

The SEO Mistakes That Matter

Everyone makes mistakes, that much is true. Even when it comes to SEO, mistakes are  something that everyone makes. We’re going to avoid the minor SEO mistakes like forgetting to use internal linking as they can be easily fixed. What we’re going to focus on today are the mistakes that could cause your online business to crumble in front of you.

Using Grey Hat, Black Hat and Negative SEO

SEO has four distinct styles: White, Grey, and Black Hat SEO. These three will be what makes up most of what you’ll see online. However, three of them stand out as severe problems online. These are Grey, Black and Negative SEO. 

Grey and Black Hat SEO styles are focused around “baiting, and switching” visitors and search engines. Negative SEO is focused around defaming and destroying your competition’s reputation through hacking. All three can get you in trouble with search engines, with negative SEO even able to get you arrested.

Targeting Everyone

One of the things that you should always have in mind when you have a business online is your target audience. You might think that having a bigger audience is a good thing because you’re reaching into more people’s interests. However, it can be a problem when you want to be found online. This is because all search engines categorize your website based on what’s on it. With too many categories in your site, search engines will struggle to properly recommend it to anyone.

Forgetting Your Keywords

Keywords are important in any online business. Forgetting to use your keywords on your site is a huge SEO mistake and you’re going to be in trouble. Just like having a target audience, keywords define what your site is to the search engines categorizing it. 

Search engines will constantly check for keywords that repeat over and over in a site. For example, a business that focuses on beauty products will want to have the keywords “makeup”, “lipstick”, and “beauty creams” on their list because it tells the different search engines that this site is all about beauty products. 

Neglecting Maintenance

Keeping your tools maintained is something that every business should do. Not only does it make sure that your tools are ready to be used for when you need them, it also means that you don’t need to buy new ones. The same can be said of SEO. 

You’re going to need to go back to your previous work and check a number of things. This includes the value of the keywords you’re using, the interests of your target audience, and the backlinks that you’re using on your articles. Completing something on your site doesn’t mean that you can just leave it there and it’ll work for you forever. Interests and trends change over time so it’s best to adapt to those.